Adult & Child Workshops

Duration: Half Day Course

Cost: £55

Location: Moretonhampstead

Want to spend some quality time together with your child or young person? Want to learn some carpentry skills?

Doing something practical is so important for our mental well-being and creativity. It also teaches important life skills. Because of this we have created various Adult & Child Workshops to give children the opportunity to learn in a safe and fun environment with their adults!

The workshops are:

  • Hands On – Everybody involved gets to practice tool use and various carpentry techniques safely!
  • Creative – Children and adults get to see (and share) their results, which in turn helps with confidence!
  • Innovative – By doing something practical together, new and different ways of learning become available. Everybody involved gets to learn through practical experience!

“It gave my son a great sense of achievement to use the tools and create something himself. It gave me as a parent a great lesson in standing back and trusting. We had a great moment in particular when I pointed out several times I was unsure he was using the square correctly. On the third time he frustratingly told me “Ok mum! And if I do it wrong, I’ll see I’ve made a mistake and I can do it again”. That was such a gift to me in terms of parenting overall.”

– Previous participant