Course Materials Pack: Footstool (30% off for course participants)


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This Woodworking Course Materials Pack includes everything you need to be able to make the wooden Footstool for our Online Carpentry Basics Course.

You will be able to purchase this pack at 30% off for £23.80 when booking the online course. Just copy and paste the discount coupon code from your booking confirmation at checkout.

This pack includes:

Wood (2 top pieces, 2 side pieces, 4 leg pieces, 2 pre-drilled leg cross pieces, 1 spare piece for practising). The leg cross pieces are pre-drilled with the correct holes, so you won’t need a cordless drill or any drill bits. You will still need to cut the wood to the right lengths though.

Fixings (screws and nails; enough for practising as well)

Some sand paper

A Print out of the plan drawing

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You may already have quite a few tools at home. Here is a list of all the tools needed to make this stool.