Carpentry Skills Courses for Women

Duration: 2 full-day course

Cost: £235 or £95 deposit to hold your place

Location: Moretonhampstead

The courses are:

  • Practical and focused – learn practical Carpentry and DIY skills in short focused 2 and 3 day courses. Learn about some basic principles that are fundamental to all carpentry and joinery work, including learning to make and use a variety of wood working joints. You will learn about their application, so you can transfer what you’ve learnt to other projects at home.
  • Empowering – learn to love tools and continue to use them at home!
  • Inspiring – discover a new passion and learn more to make anything you want!

“TouchWood’s carpentry course was one of the best hands on courses I have attended.  Astrid was always calm, patient, knowledgeable, helpful and knew her stuff!  Her encouragement makes you feel you can tackle another carpentry project on your own.”


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